The Willow breast pump now has a reusable container

There’s now a green alternative to disposable milk bags.

New moms who rely on the Willow Smart Breast Pump 2.0 will no longer have to rely on disposable bags. The connected breastfeeding system today announced the availability of a reusable milk container, serving up mothers an alternative to the usual spill-proof disposable milk bags. The dishwasher-safe containers -- which are designed to fit right inside the pump -- cost $50 for a pack of two.

Willow's Smart Breast Pump 2.0 stood out at CES this year for offering new moms a hands-free way to breastfeed, complete with an iOS/Android app that could track milk. The quiet, in-bra system allows nursing mothers to go about their day while pumping. The dearth of good tech for new moms led us to being pleasantly surprised by the Willow's clever and easy-to-use design.

At $500, Willow's device does not come cheap and is likely not covered by most insurance providers. The company is currently giving away its reusable milk container for free with new purchases of the Willow Smart Breast 2.0. Given that the disposable option was priced at $24 for a week's supply, the reusable milk container will surely no doubt save new mothers money in the long run.

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