Morbidly charming puzzle game 'Felix the Reaper' lands October 17th

It's all about love, dancing and death.

Felix the Reaper is a tragic, comedic love story that plays out in the bureaucratic cubicles of the underworld, and it's coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on October 17th.

It stars Felix, a marshmallowy dancer on a mission to attract the attention of his crush, Betty The Maiden. The problem is, Felix works at the Ministry of Death, and Betty works at the Ministry of Life. So, Felix has to sneak his way into her heart by taking a job in the field as a reaper, ensuring the deaths of all the humans on his list. He causes their demise one by one, dancing through the shadows of various, grid-lined maps, solving spatial and physics puzzles along the way.

Felix the Reaper comes from independent Danish studio Kong Orange, which happens to employ a handful of historians. They've infused the game with classical themes, inspired by the Danse Macabre of the Middle Ages, and paintings depicting corpses dancing to their graves.

Kong Orange has been working on Felix the Reaper for the past three years, and it already has a new game in the chamber. Next up from the small studio is Vokabulantis, a stop-motion love story about words. But first, on October 17th, developers have a dance with death.