Amazon's new Echo Dot has a built-in clock

The smart speaker will also show you the temperature.

How is Amazon going to improve on last year's Echo Dot? By turning it into an alarm clock, it seems. The company has introduced a fourth-generation Dot with a clock built into the side. You won't have to ask Alexa what time it is when you wake up prematurely. It can also display extras like the temperature or alarm times to answer some of your other obvious questions. And if you do use it as an alarm clock, you can tap it to snooze the alarm for some extra shut-eye.

The new Dot will sell for $60, with pre-orders starting today. While it's not a radical departure in other areas, it might be more appealing than the outgoing model simply by becoming a truly multi-purpose device -- it's not just the speaker you get when you can't justify a more expensive Echo.

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