Amazon adds the Echo Show 8 to its line of smart displays

You can pre-order it starting today.

Amazon is expanding the Echo Show family. Starting today, consumers in the US can pre-order a new 8-inch model of the company's popular smart display speaker. The $129.99 variant joins the $89.99 Echo Show 5 and the $229.99 second-generation Echo Show, giving you the choice between a 5.5-inch, 8-inch or 10-inch screen. The Echo Show 8 combines the best of Amazon's past smart displays. It features the same screen and sound capabilities of the Echo Show, as well as as the camera shutter and form factor of the Echo Show 5.

Alongside the new model, Amazon said you'll be able to watch Food Network TV shows on the device. And in a nifty new feature, you'll be able to ask Alexa to save a recipe if you see one that looks appealing. You'll also be able to ask Alexa about any ingredients that might show up in a recipe. Additionally, the company is adding on-demand cooking classes from the channel's lineup. To watch these, you'll need a subscription to the Food Network Kitchen service.

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