Apple Music for Android finally works with Chromecast

We've only been waiting four years.

Apple's been busy adding new elements to Music, including a dark mode and real-time lyrics. Now, one of the most frequently-requested features finally has support: the music streaming service on Android now works with Chromecast. After becoming available with the beta version last month, the feature has now rolled out to the stable app, and users can start listening to music through Chromecast devices soon.

Predictably, the whole set up is designed to be as effortless as possible. If there's a compatible Chromecast device on the same network as your phone then a cast icon will appear in the Music app. Tap it and you're away -- and still able to control playback from your phone. It also works with Google Home and Assistant-compatible speakers -- good news for those who haven't committed entirely to either Apple or Google ecosystems.