Fandango launches its video service on Oculus Go and Quest headsets

Put the latest movies and TV shows on your face.

You now have a particularly easy way to watch newer movies and TV shows on Oculus' self-contained VR headsets. Fandango has made its FandangoNOW video store available on the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest, providing quick access to about 90,000 titles overall and "hundreds" of 3D movies. You can rent a recent flick like Yesterday without disturbing anyone else in your home, or catch up on shows in between Beat Saber rounds.

This definitely isn't as economical as Netflix if you're interested in sheer quantity -- many new movie rentals are $6 each. If you prefer the isolation of VR to the 'public' viewing experience of your TV or tablet, though, this might be one of your better options.