Oculus Quest gets gadget-free hand tracking in 2020

It's coming to the Quest early next year.

Upon taking the stage at the Oculus Connect 6 event in San Jose, CA on Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed hours-old rumors that the Oculus' Touch controllers could soon become obsolete. In their stead, users will be able to interact with their virtual environment using only their hands.

The experimental feature will be available on the Quest starting in 2020 as part of the SDK. From there, developers will be able to integrate the tracking system into their software.

This feature is born from Facebook's Reality Labs. It relies only on the Quest's monochrome cameras and a specialized machine vision system to map and monitor the relative positions of the user's hands and fingers. The benefit to users will be immediate. You'll no longer have to worry about accidentally tossing a controller across the room or stumbling into an external sensor stand like you do with the HTC Vive.

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