Tidal brings its streaming music and videos to Roku

Just in time for Roku's soundbar and wireless subwoofer to launch.


For streaming music listeners who prefer Tidal and its commitment to high-quality lossless audio, now its experience is available via Roku. Subscribers can already access it on a number of home theater receivers and other equipment, and with Roku getting into the soundbar / wireless subwoofer game later this year, it makes sense to have more music services ready to go -- and just in time.

A look at the platform's catalog reveals thin pickings after the likes of Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music. There are tons of apps for streaming radio-types of stations, but when it comes to the premium music services that are popular right now, Roku only offers access to a few of them.

Roku owners can add the channel with a couple of clicks from the online store, to enjoy the mix of curated playlists, livestreams and original shows. What quality audio they'll actually get will depend on the limitations of their particular hardware, but both the premium and hi-fi tiers of Tidal service will stream on Roku's devices.

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