'PUBG Mobile' will add characters and gear from 'The Walking Dead'

Lucille could help you get chicken dinner.

The PUBG team is continuing its quest to counter Fortnite's media tie-ins. PUBG Mobile is adding a handful of characters and equipment from AMC's version of The Walking Dead on October 1st, giving you that little bit of extra menace in battle royale matches. You can snag skins for Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Negan. Daryl's iconic motorcycle is on hand to help stay in the safe zone, and you can wield Michonne's katana or Negan's infamous Lucille bat if a frying pan isn't intimidating enough.

The items will only be available until sometime in early 2020. You won't want to waste much time picking up these items if you're a TWD fan. It's an interesting crossover, though, and an appropriate one when both franchises revolve around survivalists facing unrelenting hordes -- it's just that these hordes are still alive.