Batman comes to 'Fortnite' along with Catwoman and Gotham City

There's naturally lots of appropriate gear in this limited-time event.

It didn't take long to learn just what Epic had in store for Batman's arrival in Fortnite. The brooding superhero is available in the battle royale shooter from now through October 6th, and he's definitely not alone. You can get a Batman cape and buy a Caped Crusader pack that, among other cosmetics, includes both a comic book hero outfit as well as a Dark Knight movie version. However, there's also a Catwoman outfit, and Gotham City itself is in the game -- there's an appropriate backdrop for your adventures, including the option to fly like Batman with unlimited re-use of your glider.

There's appropriate free gear and rewards as well. A Grapnel Gun helps you cover distances rapidly by hurtling you into the air, while an Explosive Batarang doubles as both an immediately explosive weapon and a proximity mine if you stick it in a wall. Complete challenges until October 1st, meanwhile, and you can earn cosmetics like a Catwing glider and Batman-themed imagery.

This is far from the first major Fortnite tie-in. The Avengers movies, John Wick and the NFL have all had their turn, among others. It's not often that Epic changes the environment quite so conspicuously, though, and Batman seems an appropriate fit for a game that thrives on swooping in from above -- though we're pretty sure he might balk at having to kill legions of people to emerge triumphant.