VW's Electrify America starts selling its first home EV charger

Top up your EV at home without taking all day.

Electrify America isn't focused solely on public charging stations. The VW outfit is now offering its first home unit, the simply titled Electric Vehicle Home Charger, on Amazon. The $499 box provides Level 2 charging at up to 7.6kW for "all" EVs sold in North America, or about 25 miles per hour depending on the car. That's not going to make you skip Electrify's own 150kW or 350kW chargers. It should, however, ensure that your car is topped up before you leave for work in the morning.

Thee are a few perks. Built-in WiFi helps you check in on your charging and, eventually, adapt to power companies' demand-based programs. It's also outdoor-friendly if you have to mount it beyond your garage. And if you'd rather not ask someone to mount it in the first place, there's a power plug to help you set it up quickly by yourself. Really, this is about getting no-fuss charging into the hands of as many EV owners as possible -- and, of course, laying the groundwork for VW's incoming wave of EVs.

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