EA will treat two-factor users to a free month of Origin Access

Premier subscribers will even get a free month of Premier membership.

EA is encouraging its users to switch on two-factor authentication, which it calls "Login Verification," by offering them a free perk in return. Anybody who switches on the security feature within October will get a free month of Origin Access Basic, its $6.45-a-month subscription service that gives members access to hundreds of games and 10-hour-long early access to upcoming titles. The gaming giant launched its campaign for the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, though participants will only start getting their free month on November 1st.

EA says all its users can avail of the freebie, so long as their Login Verification is activated by October 31st -- yes, including security-conscious users who've been using 2FA for their accounts for a while now. While it's a great way for new users to give the service a try, the company will also give existing Origin Access Basic subscribers one month of free access. It simply won't charge them in November. Those paying more for Origin Access Premier, which comes with more titles and early access to full upcoming games for $19.90 a month, don't have to worry about getting downgraded either. The company says it will give them a free month of Premier instead.