EA will launch its premium Origin Access subscription next week

The PC gaming membership costs $15 a month for the freshest releases.

When EA's Origin Access service launched in 2016, it gave PC gamers the chance to try out a selection of games from 'The Vault' -- an expanding catalog of EA titles -- for a monthly subscription fee. One caveat was that, like PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold, the lineup wasn't always filled with the most recent releases. However, with Origin Access Premier, a higher tier subscription originally unveiled during E3 and set to go live next week, you'll finally be able to get your fix.

As a premium tier extension of Origin Access, 'Premier' still offers the same goodies as the default or basic tier -- access to The Vault and 10% off on Origin Store purchases -- but it'll also give you unlimited access to fresh releases, and the chance to immerse yourself in said releases five days prior to launch.

But if scooping up games like Anthem, Battlefield V, Madden NFL 19 and FIFA 19 sounds like a tempting proposition, ready your wallets. EA's admission price is $14.99 per month -- or $99 for an annual subscription, which saves you $80. There are no changes for players subscribed to the basic Origin Access plan, which for the time being remains at $4.99 per month, or $29.99 annually.