Recommended Reading: The ICE surveillance playbook

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How ICE picks its targets in the surveillance age
McKenzie Funk,
The New York Times

Through the lens of officers operating in the Pacific Northwest, The New York Times explains how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) collects information on possible targets. That includes monitoring social media accounts and tapping into "the world's largest privately run database of license-plate scans."

Microsoft Surface Mini review: A teeny Windows tablet that never existed
Zac Bowden,
Windows Central

It wasn't ever released, but that doesn't mean taking a look at a small Surface device that almost made its debut in 2014 isn't worth it. Especially during a week when Microsoft gave us a look at its future.

Tech's most controversial startup now makes drone-killing robots
Joshua Brustein,

Andruil, the company founded by Palmer Luckey, officially revealed its drone-ramming drone this week. It turns out the company has already been selling them to military clients in the US and UK.

Here she is, the safest driver in Los Angeles
Ethan Varian,
The New York Times

Insurance companies promise perks if you let them track your driving habits. An LA woman won $20,000 after she let an app spy on her "to track phone distraction, speed, braking, acceleration and cornering."

How I helped hack democracy
Christopher Wylie,
New York Mag

In an excerpt from his book that's out next week, the data researcher who participated in, and then blew the lid off of, Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook's user data explains how he did it.