Google's Pixel 3a drops to $349 on Amazon

You can also score its 3a XL counterpart for $429.

Google's Pixel 4 is right around the corner, but the hottest deals might be for its budget Pixel 3a and 3a XL counterparts. Amazon has discounted both phones for the first time, cutting $50 off the price to sell the 64GB Pixel 3a for $349 and its larger 3a XL sibling for $429. When the Pixel 4 is likely to cost much more, that makes these deals considerably sweeter if you're looking for an official Google phone without the frills.

You are making some compromises, although Google is careful to preserve the regular Pixel 3's best features. Both 3a models have the signature AI-assisted camera technology that leads to top-notch pictures, and they even improve on the formula with a headphone jack and longer battery life. You're mainly giving up some performance, screen quality and water resistance. If you can accept those trade-offs and don't think you'll suffer from buyer's remorse when the Pixel 4 appears, there's a good chance you'll be pleased.

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