Roomba update tells your robovacs to steer clear of trouble spots

They also have smarter charging and better links with Braava robot mops.

iRobot's Roomba vacuums just got an update that improves their cleaning prowess by telling them what not to do. Roomba i/s and Braava jet M6 models now have Keep Out Zones that outline specific areas they're not allowed to visit. The company suggests this for keeping robots away from your pet's food bowls, but it could also be helpful for problematic rugs or cords. You can set them up in iRobot's Home app.

Those same devices are also getting smarter mid-job charging. Rather than wait until they have a full charge before resuming a cleaning task, they now only charge for as long as needed to complete their work. You'll be less likely to come home to a half-cleaned floor.

There's one more update if you have a Roomba 900 series machine. They now support Imprint Link, letting them pair with the Braava jet M6 to hand off cleaning duties when the vacuuming is finished. While that won't give you all the perks of more recent robovacs, it will help you add mopping to the process without pressure to get newer hardware.

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