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Watch an Olympian run in a bubble full of hydrogen car emissions

Don't worry: the car only emits water vapor.

Earlier this year, Hyundai launched the Nexo: a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV that only emits water and oxygen. Even though the vehicle promises an environmentally friendly transportation option, its adoption is hampered by the lack of proper fuel cell infrastructure. So, how does one advertise a clean vehicle with a pretty severe limitation? Apparently, by getting an Olympic swimmer to run inside a bubble attached to a Nexo's exhaust to emphasize how clean its emission is.

Hyundai España's YouTube page has posted a commercial (as first spotted by Periodismo del Motor) showing Olympic swimmer and brand ambassador Mireia Belmonte running on a treadmill inside a sealed bubble. The video clearly shows that a Nexo's exhaust is connected to the structure. While Hyundai stressed that its vehicle only emits water and 99.9 percent filtered oxygen, it still worked with the Spanish National Centre on Hydrogen and a sports medical center to make sure the whole process was safe.

As Autoblog noted, the video works in tandem with the Hyundai Eco Road Show that's now touring Spain to demo the automaker's eco-friendly vehicles. You can check out the whole video below, though needless to be said, don't try this at home.