Universal, Ford create in-car VR experience for 'Bride of Frankenstein'

It's a collaboration between the two and German startup Holoride.

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Starting on October 14th, a fleet of 2020 Ford Explorer vehicles will be offering special rides to the public from Universal CityWalk Hollywood. Those vehicles come equipped with virtual reality headsets from German startup Holoride, which will give passengers the chance to try an in-car VR experience based on Universal Pictures' 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein. The passengers will have to go on a virtual journey, face monsters and overcome obstacles to deliver a message to Frankenstein in the new content created by Universal Monsters.

Holoride designed its technology to adapt to the movements of a vehicle to prevent motion sickness, which means the experience itself (even its sound effects!) will match every turn, stop and acceleration. When we tried the company's Marvel VR experience in the backseat of an Audi at CES earlier this year, our virtual spaceship sped up and veered left when the E-Tron did. That was an exclusive demo for attendees, though -- this time, anybody can reserve a seat online or line up on site for the Bride of Frankenstein experience.

Nils Wollny, Holoride CEO and co-founder, said "riders will be able to experience first-hand what the future of in-vehicle entertainment looks like through the lens of the compelling story of the Bride of Frankenstein." The partnership will also give Ford a chance to gather customer feedback for immersive in-car entertainment experiences. Their Bride of Frankenstein rides will take place between 12PM and 8PM Pacific Time on October 14th to 16th, October 28th to 30th and November 4th to 9th.

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