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Fox Sports is creating exclusive, interactive shows for Facebook Watch

Sunday football fans can ask questions directly from Facebook.

ESPN isn't the only big broadcaster committing to exclusive sports shows on Facebook Watch. Fox Sports is teaming up with Facebook to create unique interactive shows for Watch viewers, including a marquee Fox Football Sunday program. The Monday morning show covers the NFL games from the day before, all the while giving Facebook users a chance to ask questions from show hosts. If you can't wait that long, a Fox Football Update show on Sunday nights will recap match-ups in a more one-sided format.

There's also good news if you're a fan of Mexican fútbol, with special weekly Liga MX segments covering the country's top-tier soccer league. And if you're the betting sort, the thrice-weekly The People vs. Colin Cowherd lets you vote on which teams will cover the spread while Cowherd offers his feedback on the crowd's views. you can also expect highlights from NASCAR, Premiere Boxing Champions, Big East basketball and the Professional Bowlers Association.

This and ESPN's content won't necessarily make Facebook Watch your go-to space for sports coverage. That's not entirely the point, mind you. This is an easy way to supplement your viewing if the games themselves aren't enough -- and, of course, a way for TV giants to expand their online presences beyond their own streaming services.