Google's Nest Mini speaker has upgraded sound and a wall mount

The Assistant device packs a lot more power than meets the eye.

One of Google's other worst-kept secrets just became official. Google has unveiled the Nest Mini, a long-expected update to the Home Mini that offers more tweaks than you might have suspected based on leaks. There is a wall mount (the better to keep it out of reach of kids), but that's really just the start. The smart speaker has been tuned to produce a much fuller sound, including twice-as-strong bass. You can also expect three microphones instead of two, increasing the chances the Mini will hear you correctly the first time.

There are some under-the-hood convenience upgrades as well. A faster processor can process Assistant requests sooner. Ultrasound, meanwhile, helps the Mini both make voices more audible over noise and light up volume controls when you get close. The speaker is even more eco-friendly, with a top made from plastic bottles and a body that's 35 percent recycled plastic.

The Nest Mini will be available on October 22nd in black (Charcoal), white (Chalk), pink (Coral) and a new blue shade (Sky) for the same $49 as its predecessor. This won't address every gripe about the Home Mini -- there's still no 3.5mm jack, and it won't include tricks like the new Echo Dot's alarm clock. If you just wanted Google to improve basics like sound quality and responsiveness, though, this might be a welcome upgrade.

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