The Pixel 4's Recorder app can capture and transcribe simultaneously

Thanks to AI, it can also find specific words and sounds.

Google's Pixel 4 smartphone will come with a nifty new Recorder app that is sure to earn fans among journalists and students. In one of the more show-stealing parts of the company's fall hardware event, Google's Sabrina Ellis revealed she had been using the app throughout her presentation to record her part of the keynote.

The app can both record and transcribe audio at the same time. Additionally, thanks to machine learning, it can identify specific words and sounds, allowing you to use the app's built-in search function to find specific parts of a transcript. Ellis later revealed that the entire demo was done with the Pixel 4 in airplane mode. That is, the Recorder app is able to do everything it can on-device, without access to the cloud.

Pixel Recorder app

According to Google, the Recorder app will be first available in English, with support for more languages to come in the future.