Instagram gives you more control over data shared with third-party apps

You'll know more about what an app wants, and can easily revoke access.

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Instagram has been tightening the reins on third-party apps for a while, and now it's putting more of that control in your hands. It's adding more powerful controls over data sharing that let you quickly shut down a sketchy app. There's a new authorization screen that clarifies what a third-party app wants, and new privacy controls (under Settings > Security > Apps and Websites) lets you quickly revoke access to apps you don't use or trust.

The new controls will take a while to roll out -- they'll reach devices within the next six months.

This is arguably a reaction to closer scrutiny of Instagram's behavior. While most of Facebook's privacy issues have revolved around its core service, Instagram has had problems with overreaching advertisers and data abuse from third-party apps. These improved measures won't necessarily help Instagram avoid another privacy fiasco, but they should remind you to be cautious and ditch old apps that might be scooping up more info than you'd like to provide.

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