Logitech unveils its first mouse and keyboard built for Chrome OS (updated)

The M355 and K580 are optimized for Google devices.

Now that the Pixelbook Go is here, you might want a mouse and keyboard to go with it. Logitech, unsurprisingly, is happy to oblige -- the company has unveiled its first Made for Google devices, the M355 Portable Wireless Mouse (not shown to scale) and K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard, Chrome OS Edition. The K580 is the highlight, packing both a row of Chrome OS shortcut keys as well as a dedicated Google Assistant key for your voice queries. You'll also find a built-in cradle to rest your Pixel phone (or any phone, really) while you're getting work done, and a button lets you switch between three two different devices if you like to bring your keyboard around. A maximum three-year (!) battery life guarantees that you won't be swapping cells very often.

The M355 is more of a garden variety mouse with basic buttons, a rubber scroll wheel and the option of using either Bluetooth or Logitech's usual USB receiver. It lasts up to 18 months on battery, so it's far from an energy hog.

Both devices are available today, and appear to be priced right for their modest feature sets at $50 for the K580 keyboard and $30 for the M355. You can certainly get more powerful mice and keyboards, but Logitech is clearly wagering that the cost and no-fuss designs will be appealing to Chromebook buyers looking to expand beyond basic input.

Update 10/18 2:55PM ET: Logitech says the mention of the K580 supporting three devices was an error on its part; the keyboard only supports two.