Fractal Bits drum synth app uses algorithms to produce billions of sounds

It's the brainchild of music app developer Alexander Zolotov.

Desktop music production software has become more user friendly, but the options for creating music on a phone -- especially an Android device -- are still rather limited. That's set to change with the release of a new drum synth app, Fractal Bits, which lets users choose from billions of sounds to create their own tracks on the go.

The app is the latest project from developer Alexander Zolotov, creator of the popular multi-platform music studio software SunVox which runs on just about any OS -- even Windows CE. Fractal Bits is somewhat multi-platform too, being available on both iOS and Android.

The software can produce over four billion unique drum sounds, which are "created by fractal algorithms." Each sound is designated by its own eight-character hexidecimal code, so you can easily copy and paste presets or save them for later. There's also a random function to help you page through all the sound options to find one that's just right.

The app is a very affordable $2, and is available now from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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