Roku’s 4K Streaming Stick+ will get a permanent price drop on Sunday

One of the best streaming devices will cost just $50.

For the money, the Roku Streaming Stick+ is one of the best choices for viewers who need a way to watch content from apps like HBO Go, Netflix or Hulu. Once in a while, the $60 device will go on sale for $10 off, but you're usually stuck paying full price. According to CNET, the Streaming Stick+ will drop to $50 permanently starting Sunday, making it an even more alluring option -- especially for those who want to try AppleTV+.

The Streaming Stick+ was released two years ago for $70. Despite its age, the dongle holds its own against competitors like Amazon's Fire TV Stick 4K or even Roku's own high-end Ultra player. The unit streams 4K and HDR content and features a long-range WiFi adapter so your TV doesn't have to be right next to your router. The internals of the Streaming Stick+ aren't changing, but coinciding with the new price, the remote is getting a new mute button.

The $100 Roku Ultra offers the same playback capabilities and voice control as the Streaming Stick+ but adds ethernet, USB and microSD ports and a headphone jack (a pair of JBL headphones are a pack-in bonus). Some viewers may find these features worth the $50 upgrade, but most will likely prefer spending half the price on the Streaming Stick+.

Check out Amazon on October 20th to grab the Roku Streaming Stick+ at its lower $50 price. If Roku isn't your cup of tea, our streaming device roundup can help you find the device that best fits your needs.

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