Pizza Hut is testing pies with plant-based 'Incogmeato' sausage

The round boxes are more eco-friendly, too.

Now that KFC has generated a frenzy over plant-based meat substitutes, it's the turn of sibling brands to generate some buzz. Pizza Hut has revealed that it's conducting a Phoenix test of a new Garden Specialty Pizza with Morning Farms' Incogmeato (yes, really) Italian "sausage" as a topping. On top of that, the pies will be served in unique Zume-made round boxes. They're not just for show. The circular shape uses less overall packaging than a square box, keeps the pizza hotter and is industrially compostable. In other words, you can feel better about the pizza's environmental impact well after you've finished the last bite.

Like the KFC test, you'll have to act quickly if you want a taste of the Garden Specialty, which also includes banana peppers, mushrooms and onions. The test starts at one restaurant in Phoenix (3602 E. Thomas Road) on October 23rd at 11AM local time, and the $10 pie will only be around "while supplies last." Given that KFC's pseudo-chicken only lasted five hours, you'll probably want to plan your lunch around this if you're at all curious -- stock might run out before dinner.

It's unclear if Pizza Hut will make this veggie option more widely available after the test, although that seems likely if it's at all popular. There's certainly pressure to do it. When competitors like Burger King are making plant-based meat alternatives a staple of their national menus, Pizza Hut risks missing out on customers who are either looking for vegetarian options or just want to reduce the demand for meat and help the planet.