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Serato's DJ software is ready for macOS Catalina

But some hardware isn't.

One downside about using your Mac to DJ is that every system update carries some risk of incompatibility or error, and the recent change to Catalina was more drastic than others. That's because Apple forcibly ejected iTunes in favor of splitting duties between more iOS-like Music, Podcasts and TV apps. While most people could move on with a few adjustments, DJ software that linked to iTunes for indexing and creating playlists of music needed an update to deal with the new system.

Now Serato has announced that DJ Pro 2.3 and DJ Lite 1.3 are compatible with macOS Catalina, ready to load their libraries automatically from the new Music app. Separately, the company said that its Studio 1.3.1 software is also supported on the new OS,but Serato Sample and Pitch 'n Time Pro and LE are "actively being worked on."

However that's not everything you'll need to control the music, and Serato has a list of hardware that's either compatible with Apple's latest software, in testing, or unsupported, and you'll want to double check that before updating or buying a new Mac. Also, as The Verge notes, some other DJ software like Rekordbox has not yet updated to work with Catalina, so make sure you have a full accounting of things needed for a day (or night) behind the decks.