Uber Eats test offers cooking classes and dining experiences

The company is testing 'Uber Moments' in San Francisco.

Uber has started experimenting with a new feature that could eventually rival Airbnb's Experiences. According to Forbes, the company has sent an email to San Francisco-based Uber Eats customers, telling them that they can book Uber Moments offerings over the next few weeks until November 17th. Moments exists as an option within the Eats app, and it focuses on dining and cooking experiences -- two of the first available options is reportedly $75 class on making Chinese dumplings and a $55 five-course Nigerian dinner.

A company spokesperson didn't elaborate on the test feature when asked, only telling Forbes that Uber is "always thinking about new ways to enhance the Eats experience." While Moments is still just an extremely limited experimental feature, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi did say that the company "want[s] to be the operating system of your life" when he announced that it's bringing all its services into a single app. If Moments makes it through testing, we may see it alongside Uber's other services as the company continues to expand beyond ride-hailing. And since its name isn't even food-focused, who knows -- we may see it offer other types of classes and experiences through Uber's all-in-one application in the future.