Porsche tries selling its cars online in the US

It's countering Tesla's sales model.

Porsche isn't just trying to fight Tesla by offering electric cars... it's hoping to replicate some of the business model, too. The automaker is piloting online car sales in the US, giving would-be owners a chance to buy from 25 of the country's 191 independently owned dealers. You'll have your pick of both new and used cars from the dealers' inventory, and can complete the brunt of the documentation and payment details online (including photos of your trade-in). You only have to visit the dealership for the last signatures and picking up your ride.

You can walk though the process on dealers' websites on desktops and mobile devices. To no one's surprise, Porsche is considering expanding access if the pilot proves successful. It's launching a comparable program in Germany at the same time.

This isn't quite as far-reaching as Tesla. The EV builder lets you custom-order cars, and will deliver to your home if you're too far from one of its service centers. Its strategy primarily revolves around online sales where Porsche is still tied to the dealership model. This is still better than having to endure pressure from sales reps during an in-person visit, though, and it makes sense if Porsche is going to position the Taycan and future EVs as Tesla alternatives -- the shopping experience will be that much closer.