Alexa can use smart lights to wake you or lull you to sleep

You can also set lighting routines to brighten or dim your lights.

It's getting a bit easier to fall asleep or wake up in sync with your lights -- if you have an Alexa-powered device. Amazon has introduced a trio of Alexa options that can gradually adjust smart lights to suit your daily habits. Wake-up lighting brightens the bulbs grouped with your Alexa device when you tell the voice assistant to set an alarm "with lights." You can add lights to sleep timers if you want them to gradually dim as you call it a night. And if you want Alexa to gradually change lighting as part of a larger action, you can add brightening or dimming bulbs to routines -- say, a morning routine that plays the news and ramps up the lights as you struggle to get out of bed.

The features should start reaching American users this week. This kind of control isn't unique in the smart light world -- the Hue app has had features like this for a while. It's relatively uncommon for voice assistants, though, and it's much simpler (if not as advanced) to speak a command when you're going to sleep.

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