Moovit adds Waze carpooling to its public transit app

But only for Android users in the US, Brazil, Mexico and Israel as part of a pilot program.

Waze and Moovit, a transit app for trip mapping and planning, have teamed up to give commuters more options to choose from. They're launching a pilot program in the US, Brazil, Mexico and Israel that would make Waze Carpool vehicles available from within the Moovit app. This is the first time Waze Carpool has been integrated into a third-party app and the first third-party carpool offering for Moovit, as well. Moovit already has its own carpool system, but Waze has a much larger community of drivers.

Users simply have to plan trips like usual and then visit the Suggested Routes screen to find Waze Carpool drivers going the same way. They'll have to download the Waze Carpool app, though, because they'll still need it to book a ride -- tapping on one of the options from within Moovit will open the application. The companies have started the feature's "gradual rollout" to Android users today. An iOS rollout will follow, but they didn't mention a specific date for it. Also, the first ride is free for new riders, so it's a great opportunity for those who have yet to give Waze Carpool a chance.