Waze makes it easier for Carpool drivers to invite multiple riders

You'll be that much more likely to make money from your commute.

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Waze, Medium
Waze, Medium

Waze's Carpool service is all about adding more passengers to save money on your commute, so wouldn't it make sense to invite multiple riders in one go? You can now. Waze has updated its Carpool app with an option to easily add multiple passengers to a carpooling session -- it can take just a couple of taps to fill every spare seat. This might be vital if you were counting on taking the HOV lane to work, or if you just want more than one person to talk to during a long trip.

The company stressed that prices for each rider are adjusted to compensate for the extra gas and "wear & tear" on your car. You don't have to worry that it'll cost more in the end. This should help Waze's bottom line, of course, but it'll also ensure that you're making the most of your drive -- and possibly take a few cars off the road in the process.

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