Netflix's first scripted podcast is an offshoot of 'Daybreak'

'The Only Podcast Left' premieres on November 7th.

Netflix's foray into podcasting will soon include its first scripted show. Variety has learned that Netflix is supplementing its apocalyptic zombie show Daybreak with a podcast, The Only Podcast Left, on November 7th. The six-episode program will tell the story of teens who decide to (what else?) make a podcast in spite of the grim situation. Showrunner and lead writer Aron Coleite is involved as an executive producer, so TOPL shouldn't stray too far from the themes of the main Netflix series.

The podcast will be exclusive to Spotify until December 12th, when it'll roll out to Apple Podcasts and other platforms.

The company explained this as a logical extension of its video efforts. Podcasts offer "more freedom to explore and go deeper," Netflix's Rae Votta said, and Daybreak has plenty of room for that. You probably won't see a deluge of scripted podcasts, but they could become common sights for those shows where there are stories to tell beyond what you see on-screen.