Microsoft's new Edge logo erases bad memories of Internet Explorer

A new web browser engine should mean a fresh start, right?

Now that Microsoft Edge has a new Chromium-powered engine, the company is ready to give the browser a fresh look to match. In the wake of an Easter egg hunt, the software giant has revealed a redesigned, ocean wave-inspired logo for Edge that bears precious little resemblance to the Internet Explorer-inspired icon of old. The "E" is there if you look closely, but it's evident that Microsoft would rather you not associate the new app too closely with the days of IE-only web pages and glaring security holes.

The Chromium-based Edge has been available in beta since August, but it's not certain just when the finished version will arrive. The Verge noted that Microsoft's developer- and IT-focused Ignite conference starts on November 4th, though. That may be an ideal venue to formally launch a browser that represents a sea change in Microsoft's approach to the web.