Chrome OS officially supports virtual workspaces now

You can also send phone numbers to your Android phone.

Chrome OS just became more useful if you rely on it for getting work done. Google is rolling out a Chrome OS 78 update that more formally introduces the virtual desktop support seen in August. Anyone can create "Virtual Desks" that organize app and window layouts as separate spaces. You could have an all-business desktop for when you're trying to finish a report, and a leisure desktop when you want to watch videos and catch up with friends. You only have to open Overview and hit New Desk to create a space.

There are some fresher additions as well. If you use an Android phone and have Chrome syncing enabled, you can right-click phone numbers on your Chromebook to send them over and start calls. Supported printers now show up automatically, so you won't have to walk through setup just to print a copy of a travel itinerary. And if you think Google could do better, a brief press-and-hold of the power button will show a feedback option. To put it another way, this update could ensure that future upgrades are more to your liking.