Chrome OS finally supports virtual desktops

You'll actually know what's new with Chrome OS in the future, too.

Chrome OS is adding a mainstay feature that other computer platforms have had for years: virtual desktops. The newly released Chrome OS 76 supports "Virtual Desks" that, like elsewhere, lets you create app layouts you can switch to in a heartbeat. You could have a writing-focused space that revolves around Google Docs, for example, and another space that helps you keep up on your social networks.

The update also brings easier media controls that include a centralized control in the system menu. And if accessibility is an issue, an Automatic Clicks option can activate whatever's under your pointer if you have difficulty with button presses.

For some, the biggest improvement may simply be knowing what updates do. Chrome Story noticed that Google has implemented a Release Notes feature that will tell you what's new with a Chrome OS update by pointing you to a summary web page after the install. You shouldn't have to wade through a cryptic, developer-oriented change log or wait for someone to stumble across a feature days later. It's an acknowledgment that everyday users want to stay informed, and might just help users take advantage of upgrades that might otherwise be overlooked.