Amazon's Echo Buds may soon be able to track workouts

An experimental Buds feature can track your steps, 'CNBC' has discovered.

Amazon's Echo Buds may be able to track your workouts in the future if ever the company decides to release a feature it's testing. CNBC reporter Todd Haselton has discovered an experimental feature when it paired the AirPods rival with the Alexa app on an Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet and an iPhone. He noticed a new "Fitness" section inside settings where you'd typically go to adjust the earbuds' equalizer. The section still looks pretty bare, but it does include the option to track a workout that you'd have to toggle on.


Image: CNBC

Going through the section, Haselton found that he could start tracking his activities with a voice command: "Alexa, start a workout." The voice assistant responded with "OK, starting your workout," and Echo Buds appeared to track his movement as he walked around. After he was done, Alexa gave him a summary of his activity, including his time, miles, steps and average pace.

Tracking steps seems to be all the Buds can do at this time, though that could change if Amazon decides to give the feature a wide release. Take note that the test feature only just showed up and is only available on certain devices, so it may be a long time before it becomes available to the public. When asked for comment, an Amazon spokesperson said the company doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.

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