Anchor makes it easier to record one-minute podcast trailers

The Spotify-owned platform is still rolling out its own features.

The DIY podcasting platform Anchor has a new tool for creators. Beginning today, users can record one-minute podcast trailers. Anchor will supply music and background image options, and the finished product will be easy to share.

Spotify acquired Anchor early this year as part of its big push into podcasts. It wasn't entirely clear how Anchor would continue under Spotify. But based on this change, it looks like Anchor is still operating as an independent product and rolling out its own features.


If you've used Anchor, you know that you could already mark episodes as trailers. But this new tool will allow you to create a dedicated trailer, limit it to one minute and make it easy to share. Plus, Anchor will add an animated video to your creation. The company hopes users will think of this as a one-minute elevator pitch for their podcast and that it will help its creators attract new listeners.