'Westworld' season three teaser brings us to Silicon Valley

A 'Data is Destiny' tagline suggests there's a new evil corporation to worry about.

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Richard Lawler
November 8, 2019 9:15 PM
Phil McCarten / Reuters
Phil McCarten / Reuters

While the first two Westworld seasons were centered around the use of AI and robotics technology at a sort of vacation getaway, the teaser revealed tonight turns the lens back toward Silicon Valley tech giants. In a promotion linked to the Wired 25 event, the trailer links to a company "Incite Inc." that will apparently feature somehow in the show's third season, which is scheduled to air on HBO in 2020 -- just in time for the launch of HBO Max. The fictional company follows previous Westworld promos we've seen at events like SXSW by having a booth at the event and sponsoring a rooftop cocktail reception.

In the video, Incite co-founder and new Westworld character Liam Dempsey Sr. goes on about how his company's "revolutionary strategy engine" can use data to fix everything, while ominously ending on the note that "your only choice, is us." Not creepy at all.

Other than Jefferson Mays, seen here playing Dempsey, season three will also add Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi and Lena Waithe to the cast, and based on previous teasers, the action will take place outside of the park this time around.

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