Facebook lets you get rid of those annoying notification dots

You can also customize the shortcut bar to remove sections you don't use.

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Jon Fingas/Engadget
Jon Fingas/Engadget

Facebook's red notification dots may feel like they exist more to keep you hooked than to keep you informed, but there's now a proper way to deal with them. The social network has confirmed that it's rolling out a Shortcut Bar Settings feature on iOS (coming to Android in the weeks ahead) that gives you control over what you see at the bottom of its mobile app.

Press and hold on any of the buttons in the bar and you can remove a tab or simply silence its notifications. If Marketplace keeps bugging you to look at items you don't want, you can silence those alerts forever. You can also manage the bar to customize it to your liking.

Facebook settings

A spokesperson wasn't shy about the reasoning for the new options, telling Engadget in a statement "We are rolling out navigation bar controls to make it easier for people to connect with the things they like and control the notifications they get within the Facebook app." This is about giving you more relevant features as well as an opportunity to reduce the number of notifications you get.

Much like the test that hides Instagram 'Likes,' this is an acknowledgment that certain app behaviors can be harmful to your digital wellbeing. There may also be a pragmatic side: you might be less likely to use Facebook if you feel like it's constantly nagging you. This doesn't address other issues, such as Facebook's tendency to bombard you with out-of-app notifications, but it's a start.

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