Spotify's free streaming can now be used on Sonos speakers

This could make Sonos more appealing to the millions of Spotify Free users.

Early this year, Spotify passed the 100 million Premium subscribers mark. Those users were able to stream Spotify on Sonos speakers. But Spotify has 248 million monthly users, and more than half of those are on the Spotify Free plan. Until now, Free users were unable to stream music on Sonos speakers. That changes today. Thanks to a software update, Spotify Free users can now listen on Sonos.

To take advantage of the change, make sure the Sonos app is updated. Under Settings, select Services and Add a Service under Music & Content. You'll then be able to stream through the Sonos or Spotify apps, or you can start a playlist with Google Assistant on voice-enabled devices. Alexa does not yet work with Spotify Free.

This is undoubtedly a pre-holiday push to make Sonos speakers more appealing to the millions of people who use Spotify Free. Given how many users stream for free, it's honestly surprising that Sonos did not support this before.