Apple Music Replay highlights your favorite tunes of the year

You'll get custom playlists for each year, top artists and more.

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Apple Music has been around for long enough that you can start reminiscing about years past, and Apple is banking on that nostalgia for its latest addition. It's debuting an Apple Music Replay feature that highlights your favorite tunes not just from the past year, but every year you've been a subscriber. It creates custom, shareable playlists for each year and tells you which artists, albums and songs dominated your ears. In my case, that's a whole lot of trance, jazz and ambient.

They're not set in stone, either. Apple is promising weekly updates for the current playlist until the year is over, so you can start listening to your Replay 2020 playlist while you're still scrubbing New Year's champagne out of the carpet. Yes, it's ultimately another way to keep you subscribed, and it's a not-so-subtle riff on Spotify's own year-in-review offering (Wrapped). It'll also sound familiar if you've used Spotify's 30-day Repeat playlists. Still, it could be a valuable way to look back at the songs that defined your personal history and not just the broader cultural zeitgeist.

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