Spotify's Repeat playlists highlight your musical obsessions

On Repeat includes your current faves and Repeat Rewind has tunes you used to play.

Spotify is tapping into the songs you listen to over and over again for its latest personalized playlists. On Repeat stays up to date with the songs you've had on loop the most over the last 30 days. It automatically updates with your current obsessions -- for me, that's the Sayonara Wild Hearts soundtrack.

Repeat Rewind, meanwhile, stretches a little further back. It'll include songs you frequently played back in the day (well, over a month ago). The playlist will update every five days. To keep them distinct, you won't see the same track on both playlists.

Whether you're a free user or premium subscriber, you'll find them in the Made For You hub and the Uniquely Yours section in Home. They're the latest additions to Spotify's wide range of personalized playlists, which include Daily Mixes, Release Radar and the super-popular Discover Weekly.