Spotify's Magic Leap app lets you virtually pin music on the wall

You can create separate soundscapes for all the different rooms in your home.

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Magic Leap / Spotify
Magic Leap / Spotify

By this point, most people have used Spotify on almost every platform where it's available and there's not a lot about the experience that's surprising. So it's interesting then to see how, with the help of augmented reality startup Magic Leap, Spotify has managed to think of a new way to organize your music library. With the company's new Magic Leap app, you can pin albums, artists and tracks to specific locations in your home. In this way, you can create a different soundscape for each room.

Spotify is also the first app on Magic Leap to take advantage of the platform's Background Music Service (BMS) API, allowing you to continue listening to music even when you switch to another app. Additionally, because the headset experience is integrated with Spotify's other apps on mobile and desktop, you don't need to take off the headset to play different songs or albums.

The fact that Spotify is now available on Magic Leap's headset probably won't help the company sell more of its pricey devices, but for those who already own one, it's a nice addition.

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