Nintendo is adding subscriptions to 'Animal Crossing' on mobile this week

You can't escape services, even in kid-friendly Nintendo games.

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Mario Kart Tour was just the start of Nintendo's plans for mobile game subscriptions, it appears. The developer has notified gamers that it's bringing two subscription plans to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on November 21st, both of which aim to lighten the load. One plan will designate an animal as a "camp caretaker" that will provide help around your site. The other plan will let you receive fortune cookies as well as store your excess furniture and clothes in warehouses. The perks are slightly like Fallout 1st in that regard.

Nintendo didn't say how much either plan would cost, although Mario Kart Tour's plan costs $5 per month. You should hear more about the Pocket Camp offerings in videos appearing on November 20th.

The news might not please fans. The mobile Animal Crossing title already has a free-to-play system that can get expensive if you want to decorate your campsite in style. Now, Nintendo is encouraging subscriptions on top of whatever you pay to get the gear you want. And while subscriptions like this aren't unheard of, it's more than a little eyebrow-raising in a game aimed squarely at kids.

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