Arturia’s V Collection 7 plug-in synth suite is $200 off for Black Friday

Get classic ‘70s and ‘80s sounds on the cheap.

Arturia creates some of the best plug-in versions of vintage synthesizers; users get authentic new wave and classic rock sounds without filling an entire room with keyboards. Musicians who want to recreate the sounds of decades past can get at least $200 off the standard price of the company's V Collection, which groups all of the individual soft-synths into one package. The Black Friday sale price of the suite is $299, but if you've bought qualifying Arturia products before, the price drops even lower to $199.

The V Collection contains 24 classic -- and sometimes obscure -- synths. Headliners include recreations of Roland's Jupiter-8, Yamaha's CS-80 and Sequential Circuits' Prophet-5. Each year, Arturia adds a few synths to the pile, with plug-ins of the Mellotron, an amalgam of Casio's CZ series and the EMS Synthi being the latest members of the collection.

These plug-ins come in a variety of formats, so can use them in just about any digital audio workstation. Each also works in standalone mode, so even if you don't own Logic Pro, ProTools or any other DAW, you can still play the synths -- you'll just need a USB or MIDI controller. However, you won't be able to add any external processing or record your music.

Arturia's instruments can be purchased individually, but they cost $149. Another $150 and you'll go from one synth to 24. The sale prices are valid for 16 days at the company's website. If you're on the fence, a free demo is available for each plug-in.