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Panasonic's Lumix G9 is less than $1,000 for the first time ever

The body is usually priced at $1,500.

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T3 Magazine via Getty Images
T3 Magazine via Getty Images

The Panasonic Lumix G9 4K digital camera body is on sale for $998 on Amazon today. This is the first time we've seen the price drop below $1,000. Considering that the G9's recommended retail price is $1,500, that's a significant discount on an all-around great camera.

You might remember that Panasonic introduced the Lumix G9 as a photo-centric flagship. It's very similar to the 10-bit, 4K GH5 video powerhouse that Panasonic is so well known for, but its body is better suited to still than video. It has a slimmed-down, dust-proof and splash-proof magnesium alloy exterior. Like the GH5, it's capable of 4K at 60 fps, but it also has an 80-megapixel photo mode that takes up to eight separate images.

To make the camera even more appealing, recent updates have unlocked support for a lot of the video modes that the G9 was missing. You can get 10-bit 4K video at up to 30 fps internally, and 60-fps 10-bit 4K externally. That makes the G9 nearly as good as the GH5 for video, even better for still photography and less expensive.

Buy Panasonic's Lumix G9 on Amazon - $998

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