Apple commits to making new media apps for Windows

An Apple job listing calls for engineers with Windows experience.

It seems that Apple is finally turning its attention to its Windows users. A new Apple job listing reveals that the company is hiring software engineers to build "the next generation of media apps for Windows," with the blurb suggesting the company could be looking to introduce Windows apps akin to those already offered on Mac.

When Apple got rid of the iTunes app in macOS Catalina it was swiftly replaced with new dedicated apps for music, podcasts and TV. The iTunes for Windows app didn't get the same treatment, with folks on Windows 10 having to rely on Apple TV+ and Apple Music via the web, which doesn't really make for great UX.

The job ad also calls for experience with UWP, or Universal Windows Platform. As MacRumors notes, apps with UWP support would not only work on Windows 10 platforms but on Xbox One as well, which could potentially open up Apple TV+ to platforms beyond smart TVs and Apple tech, thus tapping into another potentially lucrative market for the company.

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