Mercedes' EQC electric SUV will start at $67,900 in the US

It'll undercut Audi's E-Tron when it goes on sale in 2020.

Mercedes-Benz has finally provided US pricing for the EQC electric SUV, and it promises to be competitive... as far as luxury EVs go, anyway. The American version will start at $67,900 in its base Progressive trim, or several thousand below the $74,800 of Audi's E-Tron and well below the $84,990 of Tesla's Model X. There will also be higher-end Premium and Advanced tiers, although Mercedes didn't outline pricing or just what you'd get beyond different paint and upholstery choices.

Not that you'll be hurting if you stick to the 'entry' EQC. There's still a dual-motor system that puts out 402HP and 561lb/ft of torque, and the MBUX interface comes standard.

As before, the main catch may be the wait. The US-bound EQC doesn't go on sale until early 2020 where its Audi and Tesla rivals are available now. You're probably not buying an EV on impulse, especially not in this category, but it may cost Mercedes some sales from buyers who just can't wait to get a new set of wheels.