Anova's Nano sous vide bundle is $70 off at Amazon

If you want to start sous vide cooking, this has most of what you'll need to it.

When it comes to culinary adventures from the comforts of home, sous vide is still very popular. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, we won't judge, but there are some great deals available at Amazon this week that might tempt you to do so. You could also provide the tool necessary for that aspiring chef on your list to try the cooking method. First, the Anova Precision Cooker Nano is bundled with the company's vacuum sealer for $99. That's typically the price just for the Nano alone, so you're getting the sealer for free. Regularly, the pair would cost you $169. You don't need a vacuum sealer for sous vide, but it does make things easier. Plus, you can use it to package food for freezing and storage.

If you need more power, the 1,000-watt Precision Cooker is on sale for $149 -- a savings of $50. And if you prefer to just get the Nano on its own, you can do so for $79. That sale price is a $20 discount over the regular rate.

We recommended the Nano twice in this year's Holiday Gift Guide. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can control and monitor the cooking process without having to venture into the kitchen. The Anova app will also alert you when time is up, so you can proceed to the next step if needed (like searing). There are controls on the device too, so you can certainly adjust things manually as you see fit. Personally, I think sous vide is the best way to cook a steak (and searing afterwards), as it allows you to get the perfect temperature without overcooking. It's also great for perfectly cooked chicken, soft-boiled eggs and more.

These prices are available at Amazon until 11:59PM PT (2:59AM ET) on December 2nd.

Buy Anova Nano bundle on Amazon - $99

Buy Anova Precision Cooker (1,000 watt) on Amazon - $149

Buy Anova Precision Cooker Nano on Amazon - $79

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